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Hair for Sure: Scientifically Proven Rutexil Formula for Hair Regrowth Hair Regrowth Treatment

Clinically proven
Hair Regrowth

Hair for Sure: Scientifically Proven Rutexil Formula for Hair Regrowth

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Featuring the Breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex, Hair for Sure Hair Regrowth Treatment is clinically proven to help accelerate hair growth.

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Hair for Sure: Stop Hair Fall, Accelerate Regrowth

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World Medical Trichologists Association Seal of Approval Clinically Proven Formula to Stop Hair Fall & Stimulate Hair Growth
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Science behind rutexil





The Hair Facts

Life of a hair
100,000 Hair Follicles at birth.

This is all we have throughout our lives, with no new follicles growing on our scalp afterwards. That is why, as we step into adulthood, the density of our hair gets reduced as the scalp expands, but the number of hair follicles remain the same.

Each of these go through repeated
cycles of growth, rest and shedding.

Called the Hair Growth Cycle, each of these follicles undergo repeated cycles of active growth and rest. Hair naturally falls out at the end of the growing period.

Abnormal Hair Shedding
is called Alopecia

Through this growth cycle, everyone loses between 50 to 80 hairs a day. However, some people may start to lose more hair and the number of follicles capable of growing hair decline naturally. This is Alopecia.

Understand your problem

Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment


In simple words, you are losing hair due to : Andro – the result of Androgens and your sensitivity to it; and Genetic – you’re just simply genetically predisposed to it.

This complexity affects you in more than one way :

  • DHT Sensitivity:

    Certain follicles become sensitive to your naturally occurring hormones, which causes miniaturization of these follicles, leading to gradual replacement of large, pigmented hairs (terminal hairs) by barely visible, depigmented hairs (vellus hairs) in affected areas.

  • Follicular Fibrosis:

    Increased DHT hardens the root by forming debris around hair follicles and preventing blood circulation.

  • Inflammation:

    The DHT sensitivity also causes micro-inflammation, itching. Treating micro-inflammation is critical in addressing hair loss. So, mere growth enhancers will never work. Any hair regrowth regime should not only enhance growth, but also aim to address all these above issues.

This is in essence, is the Science behind RUTEXIL!

How to Apply

Two Times a Day – The Right Way – Every day

Applying Hair For Sure Hair Tonic EVERY DAY is the key to getting results and regrowing hair. It’s so important that you make it part of your routine and stick to a consistent everyday schedule, whether hair has been washed or not.


Use 4 to 8 ML:

Twist open nozzle in clock wise direction to open. Aim the nozzle directly on scalp.


Apply Directly to Scalp:

art your hair and apply. Gently rub the liquid evenly over the entire scalp. Do not massage. Be generous particularly in severely affected areas.


Twice a Day

Apply 2 times a day. In the morning (after your bath) and before bedtime. Let it dry after application.

Hair for Sure: Scientifically Proven Rutexil Formula for Hair Regrowth

What to Expect

It is very important that you recollect that you didn’t lose your hair overnight.

It was a process that involved your natural ageing process coupled with hormonal changes and hereditary issues. And this happened over a period of time.
The same is true for regrowing your hair too. For some people, it may take up to 4 months of continued, regimented usage, to start seeing results that could
be satisfactory.

It is very important that you recollect that you didn’t lose your hair overnight.

First Few Weeks

There is an increase in your A/T ratio. This simply means more hair starts getting into Anagen or Growth phase.

6 to 12 Weeks:

At this stage, reactivation of miniaturized hair follicles starts and would result in the start of regrowth of these resting follicles.

3 to 6 Months:

At this stage, successful cases will start seeing visible results with fuller, thicker and stronger regrowth.

Continued Usage:

Continue to use HFS to maximize and maintain your results.

Do note, Hair for Sure is an intervention recommended for early stage sufferers. Results can vary from person to person. Hair for Sure is not a treatment for baldness and will not work in complete bald patches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Safe?

    HFS uses ingredients that are known to have excellent safety standards, approved by global cosmetic guidelines, with no known side effects.

  • Can I apply to wet hair?

    It’s best when applied to damp hair. Ensure that you towel dry your hair before application.

  • Can I blow dry my hair?

    Avoid if you can, as hot air blowing damages the hair shaft and weakens the hair root.

  • Can I skip a day or two?

    Yes, once in a while, you can skip a treatment for a day or two without reducing overall effectiveness.

  • Can I apply just once a day?

    For best results, you should apply twice a day. Remember, Twice a Day, the right way, every day!

  • What type of shampoo should I use?

    You can follow your normal hair care routine when using HFS. To optimize your results, be sure to wash hair with a high-quality shampoo.

  • Can I colour my hair?

    Do try to avoid it. Oxidative stress is also one of the causes of hair follicle miniaturization. Colouring also make hair shaft brittle and may cause increase in hair fall.

  • How long should I continue using Hair for Sure?

    HFS can be discontinued once the desired results have been achieved, but some people continue treatment indefinitely to maintain the best possible hair and scalp health.

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